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E-thesis, Project, and Dissertation Submission Guide: Submission Process

Step 1: Prepare your thesis or project.

  • You must have your completed thesis or project saved as an ADA accessible PDF, and should follow the style guidelines set forth by your academic program. If you are not sure what the style guidelines are, please consult with your faculty advisor. Please keep at least one back-up copy of this file in another location that is NOT on your computer.
  • When you are preparing for your defense, you should download the Signature page from the Forms section. You will need to obtain all of the signatures of your committee members. This is often done at the defense or soon after defense is completed. 
  • When your defense has been completed, and the Departmental Signature Page signed, you need to make the Signature Page ADA compliant and then merge it as the first page of your thesis or project. For information on merging Adobe Acrobat files, go to the FAQ section.
  • If you have a compelling reason to restrict or delay the release of your thesis or dissertation, your Committee Chair will need to approve the embargo.
  • When you save the file, the name of the saved document name must use the following format:     

Last nameFirst initial_Department_Term Year     (For example: DoeJ_ppa_sp2019.pdf)

Step 2: Submit your File.

In order to submit your file online, you need to create a ProQuest account at

After you have received confirmation of your registration, follow the CSUB


PDF icon ETD Submission Guide to submit your thesis or project to ProQuest. 

Publication and Availability

After your uploaded document is verified, it is made available via ProQuest. Your work will also be made public through CSUB Runner Scholar approximately six weeks after the end of the semester. Your document will be publicly accessible to anyone on the web.