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Walter W. Stiern Library: Study Rooms

The Walter W. Stiern Library offers Individual and Group Study Rooms for enhanced Library research and study exclusively to the CSUB University community. These rooms are in addition to several hundred open table and carrel study spaces.


You can now reserve group study rooms on Levels 3 and 4!  Make sure you receive an email confirming your reservation date and time. RESERVE NOW 

Rooms may be reserved up to 1 week in advance for no more than 2 hours per day, 4 hours per week. 

After reserving a room:

  • Proceed to your room within 10 minutes of the start of your reservation and please exit promptly when reservation ends.
  • Bring email confirmation, electronic or paper copy, on your visit to the room.
  • The student who reserved the room must be present at all times.
  • If your room is not available at your reservation time, please call or go to the check out desk 661-654-3172.

Reservation is forfeited if:

  • The student who reserved the room is not present. Confirmation email must be available. 
  • Occupancy of the room drops below 2 or exceeds maximum.
  • The group does not arrive within 10 minutes of the start of the reservation.
  • Students are in violation of  library policies, terms of use or other library signage.

Group Study Rooms

The group study rooms in the Stiern Library are for the exclusive use of CSUB students when classes are in session. Group use has priority over individual use. Please see terms of uses below for more details.

2nd level group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis – no reservations necessary.

3rd and 4th level group study rooms must be reserved online.

Individual Study Rooms

The small Individual Study Rooms on the 4th floor of the library are available to currently registered CSUB Graduate students, Senior level students, and Faculty. Persons requesting a room must demonstrate a need to have access to Library materials to support a research project. Applicants must submit a brief written description of their project including the expected date of completion. Individual Study Rooms are NOT included in the online reservation system. Please fill out the application electronically, print or scan after signing, and submit to the Dean of Libraries, WSL 111, or fax to 661-654-3238

No longer accepting applications. Please check by during the first week of the Spring Semester 2022.

Terms of Use

Group study rooms may not be used as classrooms or faculty offices. No one individual may hold a large group study room while waiting for their group to arrive. While individuals may not hold a room while waiting for their group, individuals may use a small group study until a group is waiting to use it, at that point, groups have priority.

All group study rooms on level 3 and 4 must be reserved online.

The small study rooms on level 3 are to be used by no more than 3 students at a time. The larger study rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor hold 6 people. Please refer to signage in each room for maximum occupancy.

General guidelines:

• Mask must be worn in the study rooms at all times.

• Food and drink is prohibited.

• Smoking and inappropriate behavior are not permitted and will result in loss of use of room. Lights must always remain on.

• These rooms are for Library-related use only. Rooms may not be used for student organization meetings, faculty meetings, or as regular classrooms.

• Rooms left unattended will be forfeited and given to the next available group. Personal belongs may be removed by library staff but are not the responsibility of the library. It is never advised to leave your belongings unattended in any location of the library.


study zones

24 Hour Study Room

Need a place to study after the library is closed? Use the 24 hour study room! 

The 24 hour study room is open during regular sessions (closed for breaks and holidays) and is a quiet study zone. If the library is closed, you can enter the 24 hour study room via the lower level west entrance.

24 hour room entrance

White board markers available for checkout

Contact the Library

Check-out Desk

Call: 661-654-3172

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