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Giving: Support the Library

Interested in supporting the library?

Thank you for considering donating to the Walter W. Stiern Library. The library has resumed accepting donations as of August 23rd, 2021!


Donating Books and Other Materials

The Walter W. Stiern Library welcomes donations of books and other materials. Any donated item must support the University's curriculum. The Library will only accept items provided without conditions. Librarians will screen all donated materials from their subject areas to determine whether they meet the Library's collection criteria. The Library retains the right to dispose of donated materials. The Library accepts monetary gifts through the Stiern Library Associates. Monies are used to purchase library resources based on appropriate selection criteria.

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Material not wanted by the Library may be offered for sale within the Library or donated to another library, state facility, or charitable organization, or discarded.

Any donated book must support the University's curriculum. Textbooks or self-published books are ordinarily not added to the collection. Duplicates may be added if the Library copy is checked out, in mending, missing or on Reserve, or the title is one for which multiple copies are judged useful. If the Library has an earlier edition, a later gift edition may replace it.

Periodical Gift Subscriptions
Gift subscriptions for a specified period to come directly to the Library may be accepted, if useful. When these espouse a particular point of view, the Library must have opposing material for balance. Accepting a direct gift subscription in no way assures a paid renewal by the Library when the gift expires. The Library does not accept personal gift subscriptions when the donor wants to read the issues first and then send them to the Library.

Periodical Backruns
The Library will accept periodical backruns for which it has no current subscription, only if the donation is complete and covers a significant period of time. A periodical backrun will also be accepted if it fills gaps in a run of materials to which the Library currently subscribes. Normally, duplicate issues will not be accepted or added.

Faculty Authors Collection
A faculty-authored book that is donated to the Library will be added to the Faculty Authors Collection.

Thank you for considering volunteering at the library! For more information about volunteering at the library, please call the Check Out Desk at 661-654-3172.