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History of California State University, Bakersfield

Companion to the HRC exhibit

Dr. Charles KegleyFaculty: The Foundation of a Quality Education

"The main reason most of the those who came in the first place is that they were attracted by the originality and the inventiveness of the whole institution by what we could do." This was an observation of Dr. Charles Kegley ten years after California State College, Bakersfield opened its doors to Valley area students. Other professors such as Dr. Charles McCall reflected that "he'd like to see the students go out and create and discover new things rather than just taking advantage of the things that have already been created." Indeed, it has been professors such as Dr. Kegley and Dr. McCall that have challenged and inspired our students to greatness. On October 1, 1970, CSCB began the quarter with 70 faculty members. Today, faculty at CSUB number over 1200. They continue the long established tradition of excelling in their respective fields, providing quality education to our students, and leading our university into the future.


Dr. Charles McCall





California State College, Bakersfield Founding Faculty

California State College, Bakersfield Founding Faculty, 1970