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History of California State University, Bakersfield

Companion to the HRC exhibit

Students through the years

Students have always been the center of the university. California State College, Bakersfield first enrolled 920 students in October of 1970. As the university celebrated their 50th anniversary of the start of classes on October 1, 2020, the alumni have reach over 56,000 graduates. Our students have come from all walks of life and have found great success. Notable student alumni includes many activists, educators, musicians, philanthropist, politicians, and all types of innovators.

Many of our students have come back to serve the university as adjunct professors, professors, and staff members. Over the years students have worked hard to establish the Student Union, Runner Park, and have helped organized many student events. As we reached the 50th Anniversary of the opening of classes on October 1, 2020, lets celebrate those students who have given the most to make CSUB and our community what it is today.