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List of Fall 2020 eTextbooks/eBooks

Below is a list of textbooks available to students for free as Library eBooks or Open Access eTextbooks. Most of these eBooks may be used by multiple students at the same time. Please double check your syllabus or the campus bookstore for a complete list of required textbooks since changes may occur after this list was created. This is not a complete list of all required textbooks. To purchase textbooks please contact the campus bookstore.

Course Professor Book Title Semester
CHEM 1600 Talbert Chemistry FALL
ECON 2018 Gearheart, Michieka, Moghaddam Prin of Microeconomics FALL
ECON 2028 Grammy, Malixi, Ryan Prin of Macroeconomics FALL
ECON 2200 Deal, Michieka Prin of Microeconomics FALL
EDAD 6100 Szolowicz How to create a Culture of Achievement in Your School FALL
EDLD 6010 Stark Reframing the Path to School Leadership FALL
EDLD 6020 Szolowicz Someone Has to Fall FALL
EDLD 6020 Szolowicz Unequal Colleges in the Age of Disparity FALL
ETHS 1108 Moraga Keywords for American Cultural Studies FALL
GEOL 4060 Song Elements of Petroleum Geology FALL
HCA 4260 Arias Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic FALL
HCA 4260 Arias Health Care Market Strategy FALL
HCA 4260 Arias Cleveland Clinic Way FALL
HIST 1218 Andreotti, Dodd Celia, A Slave FALL
HIST 2000 Allen Allure of the Archives FALL
HIST 3110 Mulry Before the Revolution FALL
HIST 3140 Rodriquez Right to Ride FALL
HIST 3140 Rodriquez Great Arizona Orphan Abduction FALL
HIST 3240 Dodd California FALL
HIST 4230   To Joy My Freedom FALL
HIST 4638 Vivian Golden Ass FALL
HIST 4638 Wempe Colonial Metropolis FALL
HIST 5120 Rodriquez Politics of Rage FALL
HIST 5120 Rodriquez Struggle for Mastery FALL
HIST 5120 Rodriquez Great Arizona Orphan Abduction FALL
HIST 5120 Rodriquez Blowout! FALL
KINE 6040 Zenko The Handbook of Health Behavior Change FALL
RS 3528 Pinto War & Genocide FALL
RS 3538 Florez Universal Human Rights in Theory & Practice FALL
SCI 3329 Cotton, Kaess, Knight Intro to Water in California FALL