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List of Spring 2021 eTextbooks/eBooks

Below is a list of textbooks available to students for free as Library eBooks or Open Access eTextbooks. Most of these eBooks may be used by multiple students at the same time. Please double check your syllabus or the campus bookstore for a complete list of required textbooks since changes may occur after this list was created. This is not a complete list of all required textbooks. To purchase textbooks please contact the campus bookstore.

Course Professor Book Title Semester
CHEM 1600 Talbert Chemistry SPRING
CHEM 3301 Hashim Organic Chemistry Manual SPRING
CHEM 3311 Bergkamp Organic Chemistry Manual SPRING
ECON 2018 Deal Principles of Microeconomics SPRING
ECON 2200 Deal Principles of Microeconomics SPRING
ENGL 4648 Carlisle True American SPRING
HIST 1218 Andreotti Celia, a Slave SPRING
HIST 1228 Andreotti Migrant Daughter SPRING
HIST 2100 Freeland Pacific Eldorado SPRING
HIST 3240 Dodd California SPRING
HIST 5030 Allen Street Democracy SPRING
HIST 5030 Allen Allure of the Archives SPRING
HIST 5030 Allen Silencing the Past SPRING
NURS 3130 Collom Psychiatric Nursing: Assessment, Care Plans SPRING
SCI 3329 Cotton, Knight, Song Intro to Water in California SPRING
SCI 3609 Lewis Foundations of Modern Cosmology SPRING
SOC 4988 Sanchez Unequal Childhoods SPRING