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Affordable Learning Solutions: eTextbook List 2018

List of 2018 eTextbooks/eBooks

Below is a list of textbooks available to students for free as Library eBooks or Open Access eTextbooks. Most of these eBooks may be used by multiple students at the same time. Please double check your syllabus or the campus bookstore for a complete list of required textbooks since changes may occur after this list was created. This is not a complete list of all required textbooks. To purchase textbooks please contact the campus bookstore.

Course Professor Book Title Semester
AGBS 3520 Deal Plowshares & Pork Barrels FALL
ANTH 1118 O'Neill Death by Theory FALL
ANTH 3390 El Hadidi Anthropology in Theory Issues in Epistemology FALL
BIOL 2220 Stark, Stinson Human Physiology FALL
CHEM 2900 Lopez ACS Style Guide FALL
CHEM 2940 Forester ACS Style Guide FALL
CHEM 3400 Lopez ACS Style Guide FALL
CHEM 3600 Santoke A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics FALL
CHEM 3900 Gebauer ACS Style Guide FALL
CHEM 3940 Gebauer ACS Style Guide FALL
CAFS 3800 Kimberlin, Teodosio Multiple Perspectives on Play in Early Childhood Education FALL
CMPS 4350 Griesel Essentials of Software Engineering FALL
ECON 3520 Deal Plowshares & Pork Barrels FALL
EDAD 6710 Fullwood, Szolowicz Reader on Educational Leadership FALL
EDEL 5200 Esquibel, Marquez Mathematical Mindsets FALL
ENGL 4648 Carlisle True American FALL
GEOL 3010 O'Sullivan Geochemistry FALL
HCA 5140 Sohail Social Transformation of American Medicine FALL
HIST 1218 Andreotti, Dodd Celia, a Slave FALL
HIST 1228 Andreotti, Rodriquez Migrant Daughter FALL
HIST 2100 Freeland Pacific Eldorado FALL
HIST 3008 Dodd The Methods & Skills of History: A Practical Guide FALL
HIST 3110 Mulry Political Gastronomy FALL
HIST 3130 Rodriquez Soul by Soul FALL
HIST 3240 Dodd California FALL
HIST 3330 Allen Border Contraband FALL
HIST 3410 Dhada Great Caliphs FALL
HIST 3630 Stango Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity FALL
    Daughters of the Trade FALL
    Reproducing Empire FALL
    Straight State FALL
HIST 3650 Mulry American Curiosity  FALL
HIST 4220 Rodriquez Migrant Daughter FALL
    Thrown Among Strangers FALL
HIST 4638 Vivian Golden Ass FALL
HIST 4908 Stango Allure of the Archives FALL
    War of a Thousand Deserts FALL
KINE 3118 Moffit Intro to Epidemiology FALL
MIS 3400


Big Data, Big Analytics FALL
NURS 3130 Boshini, Collom Psychiatric Nursing: Assessment, Care Plans FALL
PSYC 3110 Uhalt Research Methods in Psychology FALL
SCI 3329 Knight Intro to Water in California FALL
SOC 3100 Kebede Intro to Sociological Theory FALL
SOC 3408 Gibson Dude, You're a Fag FALL
SOC 4300 Santos Impossible Subjects FALL
SOC 4988 Santos Impossible Subjects FALL


Course Reserves

The library has some textbooks available on our Course Reserves list and on the eTextbook list.

To find our Course Reserves page use the link above or, go to the library home page and click on Find, then click on Course Reserves list. Once you are there you can search by course number or instructor name. You can also search for them by using OneSearch on the library homepage and selecting the option to limit to Course Reserves.

These are not complete lists of all required textbooks. Please refer to your syllabus for complete and updated information. To purchase textbooks please contact the campus bookstore.

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