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In-Class Activity #1

View the two citations below and determine how you could find the full text using the library's resources.

Ferrer-Uris, B., Busquets, A., & Angulo-Barroso, R. (2018). Adaptation and retention of a perceptual-motor task in children: Effects of a single bout of intense endurance exercise. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 40(1), 1-9.

Hamilton, C. B., Maly, M. R., Clark, J. M., Speechley, M., Petrella, R. J., & Chesworth, B. M.

(2013). Activity-modifying behaviour mediates the relationship between pain severity and activity limitations among adults with emergent knee pain. Physiotherapy Canada.Physiotherapie Canada, 65(1), 12-19.

In-Class Activity #2

In groups or pairs, find the full text of the articles below, and answer the following:

1. What database was the article found in?

2. Is this a primary research article or a review article?

3. How can you tell?


Article 1: The effect of age and knee osteoarthritis on muscle activation patterns and knee joint biomechanics during dual belt treadmill gait. 2017. Authors: Rutherford, Baker, Wong, Stanish.

Article 2: Metabolic Syndrome: Operational definitions and aerobic and resistance training benefits on physical and metabolic health in children and adolescents. 2022. Authors: Leister, Kyle R., Cilhoroz, Burak, Rosenberg, Jared, Brown, Elise, Joon, Kim.

Article 3Get Moving: A Web site that increases physical activity of sedentary employees. 2011. Authors: Blaire, Philips, Seeley, Wyant, Duncan, Moore. 

Article 4: Running biomechanics before injury and 1 year after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in division I collegiate athletes. 2021. Authors: Knurr, Kliethermes, Stiffler-Joachim

Article 5: Combined group and home exercise programmes in community-dwelling falls-risk older adults. 2019. Authors: Teng, Gomersall, Hatton, Brauer.

Article 6: Identification of types of landings after blocking in volleyball associated with risk of ACL injury. 2017. Authors: Zahradnik, Jandacka, Farana, Uchytil, Hamill.

Article 7: Evaluation of the effects of neural therapy in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 2019. Authors: Altinbilek, Terzi, Basaran, Tolu, Kucuksarac.

In-Class Activity 3

Create a search statement using these topic sentences.

1. Is resistance training safe and effective for children?

2. Are there benefits to exercising for adults with depression?

3. How does the type of landing impact the risk of ACL injury in volleyball players?

Identify Keywords/Synonyms

Utilize boolean operators to create search statement in PubMed or SportsDiscus

Write down the title of one article you think would help you if you were researching the topic.