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Affordable Learning Solutions: Spring 2023 eTextbooks/eBooks

Spring 2023 eTextbooks/eBooks

Below is a list of textbooks available to students for free as Library eBooks or Open Access eTextbooks. Most of these eBooks may be used by multiple students at the same time. Please double check your syllabus or the campus bookstore for a complete list of required textbooks since changes may occur after this list was created. This is not a complete list of all required textbooks. To purchase textbooks please contact the campus bookstore.

Course Professor Book Title Semester
ANTH 4400 Natalie Thompson Homegirls Spring
CHEM 1600 Lance Talbert Chemistry 2e Spring
CHEM 2940 Hanoz Santoke ACS Style Guide Spring
CHEM 3400 Roy Lafever ACS Style Guide Spring
CHEM 3510 Sarah Forester Food Science Spring
CHEM 3940 To be Announced ACS Style Guide Spring
CHEM 4400 Roy Lafever ACS Style Guide Spring
CHEM 4908' Danielle Solano Speaking about Science Spring
CMPS 3350 Gordon Griesel Essen of Software Engineering (w/SA Nav2 Advantage Access) Spring
COMM 3230 Kyung Jung Han Cases in Public Relations Strategy Spring
CRJU 3170 Tony Flores Criminological Theories Spring
ED SP 4100 Angelica Martinez Assistive Technology Spring
ED SP 4270 TBA Assistive Technology Spring
ENGL 1208 Adam Schuster Macbeth Spring
ENGL 3210 Steve Frye My Antonia (with New Foreword) Spring
ENGL 4708 Adam Schuster Kindred Spring
HIST 1218 Jenny Andreotti  Celia, a Slave Spring
HIST 1218 Douglas Dodd Celia, a Slave Spring
HIST 1228 Jenny Andreotti Migrant Daughter Spring
HIST 3228 Douglas Dodd Last Indian War Spring
HIST 3240 Douglas Dodd California Spring
HIST 4908 Miriam Vivian What Is Migration History Spring
KINE 4150 Jahyun Kim Only EKG Book Youll Ever Need Spring
MGMT 3090 Pratigya Sigdyal Becoming a Master Manager Spring
MUS 3510  Joel Haney Music in Words Spring
NURS 3131 Multiple Instructors Psychiatric Nursing: Assessment, Care Plans & Medications Spring
NURS 3170 Multiple Instructors Psychiatric Nursing: Assessment, Care Plans & Medications Spring
PHIL 3240 Senem Saner Alienation Spring
PHIL 3268 Senem Saner Marx & Modernity Spring
PHYS 1609 Jeff Lewis Astronomy Spring
PSYC 4908 Kyle Susa Blind Injustice Spring
RS 4410 Joseph Florez La Llorona's Children Spring
SCI 3329 Pamela Knight Intro to Water in California Spring
SCI 3329 Katie O'Sullivan Intro to Water in California Spring
SOC 2018 David Arrieta Presentation of Self in Contemporary Social Life Spring
SOC 3060 Marisa Sanchez Portrait of America Spring
SOC 3320 Rhonda Dugan Black Elephants in the Room


SOC 3340 Edna Molina-Jackson Schools & Society Spring
SOC 3510 David Arrieta Sociology of Childhood Spring
PSYC 3260 Allison Evans Principles of Social Psychology  Winter

Textbooks in the Stiern Library

You can search the library for print books and other items that your professor may have put on reserve in the library.


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