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Walter W. Stiern Library: Library Directory

Dean of University Libraries

Sandra Bozarth


WSL 111B


Administration Assistant to the Dean of Libraries

Amanda Meanley 661-654-3042 WSL 111


Johanna Alexander Librarian Emerita 661-654-3256 WSL 116H
Andrea Anderson Department Chair, Library Instruction & Reference Services Coordinator 661-654-2061

WSL 116D
Curt Asher Librarian & Dean Emeriti 661-654-3258 WSL 210
Kristi Chavez Cataloging & Metadata Coordinator 661-654-3174

WSL 116B

Elijah Enos

Reference & Instruction Librarian


WSL 116A

Kristen Gallant

Outreach & User Engagement and First Year Experience Coordinator


WSL 116C

Kristine Holloway Distance Services Coordinator & Antelope Valley Librarian

661-952-5072 AV 502
Christopher Livingston

Archives, Special Collections, Institutional Repository, Scholarly Communications, and Digital Initiatives

661-654-3253 WSL 206
Matthew McCoy Access Services & Government Documents Coordinator 661-654-3372 WSL 108B
Brenda Scobey Part-Time Library Faculty 661-654-3231 Reference Desk
Luz Villarreal Reference & Instruction Librarian 661-654-3250 WSL 211
Ying Zhong NSME & Web Services Librarian 661-654-3119 WSL116G

Staff and Managers


Frank Aguirre Systems Analyst  661-654-2274

WSL 104
Bianca Baldonado Cataloging, LSS 661-654-3448 WSL 108F
Nikki Crane Night-Weekend, LSS 661-654-3263

WSL 108F
Donato Cruz Archives, Marketing, Reference, LSS 661-654-6127 WSL 211
Janet Gonzales Interlibrary Loan, Borrowing, Reference, LSS  661-654-2129 WSL108F
Amanda Grombly Interim Director of Library Operations and Development 661-654-3259 WSL 108A
Ebony Harrison Night-Weekend, LSS 661-654-3254  WSL 108F

Mario Hernandez

Circulation and Billing, LSS 661-654-3233

WSL 108F

Ariel Lauricio Interlibrary Loan, Lending, LSS  661-654-3189 WSL108F

Monica Mendez

Acquisitions, LSS 661-654-3249

WSL 108C

Corinne Ornelas          Circulation, Reference, LSS  661-654-3574 WSL 108F
Bre Parks Media Production Specialist  661-654-3144 WSL 108F
Genesis Ramirez

Systems & Electronic Resource Management, LSS

661-654-3262 WSL 108C
Aide Zaragoza Circulation, Microforms, LSS 661-654-3234

WSL 108F


Department Phone Email Location
Check-Out & Reserve Desk 661-654-3172 WSL 108
Reference Desk 661-654-3231 Level 1
Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan


Fax: 661-654-2259 WSL 108F
CSUB Antelope Valley


Fax: 661-654-2259  
Library Administration Office


Fax: 661-654-3238 WSL 111
Government Documents 661-654-3372 WSL 116C
Special Collections and Archives 661-654-3253 WSL 211
Systems 661-654-2274 WSL 104
Acquisitions and Cataloging

661-654-3259 WSL 116E
Fab Lab Annex WSL 207


Contact the Library

Check-out Desk

Call: 661-654-3172

Research Help

Mailing Address

Mail Stop: 60 LIB

9001 Stockdale Hwy

Bakersfield, CA 93311-1022