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Walter W. Stiern Library: Library Courses

Enhance Your Research Skills!

Are you wanting to brush up on your research skills? Take a look at the courses the library offers below for a variety of classes that will enhance your ability to produce quality research projects!  Log in to your MYCSUB Account to register now!

Courses offered by the library

General Studies 1110 Research Sources and Skills (1 unit)

An introduction to the information resources available on the Internet for research purposes. Emphasis will be placed upon the identification, retrieval and evaluation of information for general and specific topics. Student will develop general knowledge of the Internet, navigation skills, effective search strategy skills, familiarity with Internet finding tools, evaluation methodologies and other Internet research skills.

HIST 4030 Archives and Special Collection (3 Units)

This course will introduce students to the history, theory, principles, and management of archives and special collections. Topics will include an overview of the profession, selection and appraisal, arranging and describing materials, preservation/conservation, disaster planning, content management, digitization, and archival management.

MGMT 6770 Business, Economic & Public Administration Information Resources  (3 Units)

This elective online course provides students with knowledge and skill in using specialized library databases and other websites useful to MBA, MPA, and MSHCA graduate students. Students will be given practical assignments, providing transferrable skills to other content courses. (Previously ECON 6770)

  • MGMT 6770-60 (82164)      Fall 2023      Fully Online using Canvas

INST 4200 Electronic Legal Research Methods - Online

An introduction to online legal research using resources such as Westlaw Campus Research, government web sources, and other internet sources. Emphasis will be placed upon the student’s understanding of legal structure, effective search strategy development, mastery of search tools, identification of potential resources, retrieval of pertinent sources, and legal citation formats. This course will be useful for any student wanting to learn these skills.

  • INST 4200-60 (81434)  - Electronic Legal Research Methods -  Fall 2023   (Course will be fully online, using Canvas)

Zero Cost Materials!

All courses are ZCCM, meaning the section either (i) uses zero-cost digital or print course materials, or (ii) uses library or other course materials provided by the campus, or (iii) otherwise does not require the student to purchase any instructional materials.

MGMT 6770 Business, economic, course

Fall 2023

GST 1170 with information

Fall 2023

GST 1110 flyer with information

Library Instruction in the Classroom

Librarians are available to visit your classroom and teach a wide-variety of library and research skills as well as information literacy concepts. Librarians can help give your students the confidence to find and evaluate information for your class assignments and projects. Reach out to your departments Subject Librarian and schedule a time with your librarian!

Subject Librarians

Library Lab 202

Library Lab 202 is on the second floor of the library and is often used for Library instruction. 

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