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Walter W. Stiern Library: Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan)

Looking for a book or article the library doesn't have? Use Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan).

Resource sharing allows current CSUB students, staff, and faculty to borrow materials from other libraries.

Visit the library FAQ page for more information.

Resource Sharing FAQs

What is Resource Sharing? Resource Sharing (formerly, Interlibrary Loan) is a service of Walter W. Stiern Library for its patrons. It borrows or obtains photocopies of research materials not available at the Walter W. Stiern Library from other libraries.
Who can use the CSUB Resource Sharing? Currently enrolled CSU students, CSUB faculty, CSUB emeritus faculty, and CSUB staff can use Resource Sharing.
What types of materials can be requested? Normally books, book chapters, articles, microforms, auto-visual materials, and reports can be requested. Some items (such as textbooks, association papers, unpublished materials, reference books and archival or special collections materials) are normally not obtainable through Resource Sharing. Please check the CSUB holdings (OneSearch catalog or the journal list) before a requesting an item.
What about dissertations or masters theses? Dissertations and master's theses may not be available. Check out the Digital Dissertations for online access to dissertations.
Is there a charge for Resource Sharing Services? Articles and other photocopied materials are provided free to our patrons. There is normally not a charge for book loans. However, if a book or other borrowed item is not available from within the CSU library system or from one of the dozens of libraries with which we have a reciprocal agreement, the patron will be asked to pay half the shipping cost (normally five to ten dollars). Requests can be limited to free materials.
How do I submit a request? Requests must be submitted by using the electronic request form.
How many items can a patron request per day? The staff will process three requests per patron per day. A patron may request more than three items, but only three will be processed each day.
How long does it take to obtain an item? Normally 10-12 days. A CSUB patron's request will be processed as quickly as possible. Once the request leaves CSUB, the lending library receives the request and then processes it. Some lending libraries provide materials more rapidly than others. Obscure items may take much longer to locate and process.
How do I know if my request is here? You will be notified by email as long as updated email is in your MyCSUB profile.
Where do I pick up my materials? Books can be picked up at the Check Out Desk. Photocopied articles will either be provided electronically, as a PDF file, or on paper.
What if there is a problem with my request? The staff will attempt to contact you and help you get the research materials you need.
Can borrowed books be renewed? Yes. From ten to two days before the item is due, a patron can request a renewal. Terms of renewal are determined by the lending library.
How long can a book be checked out? Normally, books are checked out for three weeks. The lending library establishes the terms and length of the loan, so sometimes the loan period is shorter than three weeks. The term of the loan begins when the book is received at CSUB.
What if my book is overdue?

Overdue books are assessed a fine of one dollar per day. Patrons with unpaid resource sharing fees or fines will not be eligible to use the service. Unpaid fines are turned over to the admissions office and patron will be barred from registering until the fine is paid. Please return books on time, as they are the property of another library and the fines can add up quickly.

Who can I contact with comments or concerns about the service I received? Contact the Library Services Manager at 661-654-3236 or by email at


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